Astronomy and astrophotography under California stars
Comet Pan-STARRS and Its Anti-Tail
May 14, 2013
Comet Pan-STARRS anti-tail grows in size and brightness in this photo taken from the CaliforniaStars Observatory at GMARS with an FLI ML11002-C camera and Takahashi FSQ-106EDX-III. Click the image for a larger version.
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Optics Takahashi FSQ-106ED X-III at f/5.0
Mount Astro-Physics Mach1-GTO German Equatorial Go-To Mount
Camera FLI MicroLine KAI-11002-C at -25°C
Exposure 10 minutes (1 x 10 minutes)
Calibration 0 darks | 0 flats | 0 bias
Air Temperature
Accessories Autoguided with SBIG ST-i and Astrodon MMOAG
Location CaliforniaStars Observatory in Landers, California
Date May 14, 2012 (4:20AM local time)
Notes Processing: FITS converted to TIF in FITS Liberator. Levels, curves, Noise Ninja NR, RC-Astro GradientXTerminator, resize, and convert to JPG in Photoshop CS6.

This is a single 10-minute exposure taken from the CaliforniaStars Observatory in Landers, California. If you look very closely at the larger image, you can pick out several tiny galaxies of magnitude ~15 to ~17 (PGC 70668, 2773857, 71003, 2775185, and 2774976).

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